Fabian Lindfors

Decorators in Go using embedded structs

The decorator pattern is a convenient way of extending functionality with minimal changes to existing code. The basic premise is to create a new type (the decorator) which wraps an existing one. Our decorator should implement the same interface functions as the wrapped type and forward function calls to the wrapped object with some extra functionality. Because the decorator implements the same interfaces as the type it wraps they are interchangeable.

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Building an object store with FoundationDB

Apple recently open-sourced FoundationDB, two years after acquiring the company and depriving the world of some promising technology. FoundationDB is a distributed key-value store featuring ACID transactions, painless scaling and easy fault tolerance, all tested with ridiculous thoroughness. In short, a seriously impressive feat of engineering. Before the acquisition its creators often touted the concept of “layers”, meaning stateless programs which add new features to the otherwise simple database. A SQL layer could make FoundationDB behave like a relational database while an AMQP layer could make it function as a message broker.

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The value in learning yet another programming language

Like many developers I constantly find myself taking up new programming languages. The learning process is often refreshing and challenging as a result of novelty and it has many times served as a relaxing break from work and studies. At the same time I’ve always associated this curiosity with shame. Instead of diving deeper into what I already know something new grabs my attention and drives me further from a pipe dream of deep knowledge. Lately my feelings have shifted and the shame that I once felt has turned into a feeling that learning new programming languages actually carries a lot of value.

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